What Do You Wear For School?

Back in high school my friends and I used to complain about how ugly our uniforms were and were freaking desperate to get rid of them. We either wished that we would have uniforms like the Japaneses' and Koreans' which are super duper cute or we would get to wear our own clothes to school.

Japan students' uniform.

Korean students' uniform.

So envy when I look at them. I got these pictures from google.com as I typed in "Japanese student uniform" and "Korean student uniform", in the real life, are their uniforms like that?! Can someone tell me the reality is as good as these?!

Come to think of it, I never had a full-body picture of myself wearing my high school uniform. Now I regret not camwhoring with it :/ Oh well, nevermind, right now I don't have the faintest idea where did all my uniforms go :S

This is my primary school class photo. Look how childish looking we were :p And this is how our primary school uniform looks like. Frankly speaking, up till now, I still prefer primary school uniform than high school uniform. Dark blue is much nicer looking!

So this one is our high school uniform. With huge wholes at the side, I used to stuff my arms into them for fun x)

As much as I hated school uniforms, right now I wish that we could have uniforms for college. I am so lazy to think of what to wear to school everyday. Just imagine having to study until late at night and the next morning struggling so hard to get out of bed, freezing after jumping out from the shower and there comes the trouble - What am I suppose to wear to school?

I am NOT that kind of person who will overdress for school. There are many students in my school who dress up really perfectly to school and with makeups everyday. Undoubtedly, they look awesome but personally I won't waste my energy in doing this everyday. I am a T shirt girl. And guess what?! I am damn proud of being a T shirt girl, there's nothing wrong about it. And my friends actually said that I look younger in T shirts (than those people who overdress, despite the fact that we are actually about the same age)...T SHIRTS ROCK TO THE MAX! Look at Chirstina Grimmie, our beloved girl next door who looks fantastic in just T shirts :D That's what I love about her, even though she has skyrocketed to fame but she is still the usual girl who wears T shirts (mostly from Hot Topic and Target!!!)

Alright nevermind, I admit I am unsuitable to be those super glamorous girls who can turn the school into a fashion walkway. I'll just settle with T-shirts and jeans then :p 

Mind to share with me what do you all wear to school? And what is the type of style that is simple yet presentable? :3

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