Xiao Long Kan 小龙坎 @ Sunrise Gurney, Penang

I was just planning a hotpot party with my friends when I received this fun invitation to celebrate 小龙坎  Xiao Long Kan's 3rd anniversary at Sunrise Tower, Persiaran Gurney. 

In conjunction with their anniversary celebration, Xiao Long Kan has launched 3 promotional deals that any hotpot lover should not miss out on! 

I love mala soup during hotpot sessions though I'm not someone who is ultra tolerant when it comes to spicy food. So, having clear soup is an excellent way to neutralize things. 

All I could think about is "when can I eat this!"

Photo obtained with the consent of Jay Chha from https://pinkypigletland.blogspot.com/

If you are someone who enjoys the peace of eating alone, this mini hotpot is a good option. You no longer need a company for hotpot anymore! Plus, it's definitely budget-friendly. 

Photo obtained with the consent of Jay Chha from https://pinkypigletland.blogspot.com/

Those who know me will know that I'm not an alcohol drinker. Apple cider is the only member of the alcohol family that I genuinely like. 

Alternatively, try this non-alcoholic drink named "Tian Di 1 Hao" 天地壹号 which translates into the world's number 1. Its name is unnecessarily extra but it's actually an apple vinegar beverage. Add some ice and it's a perfect match for mala hotpot! 

Disclaimer: this drink is not included in the buy 5 free 5 deal. 

Let me take you to Xiao Long Kan virtually! 

Xiao Long Kan 小龙坎 

190-192 Sunrise Tower, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. 

Operating Hours: 12pm - 12am daily 

Contact number: +6012-4789982

*The aforementioned deals are available at all Xiao Long Kan outlets in Malaysia:
- Penang @ Sunrise Gurney 
- KL @ Farenheit88
- Johor @ Austin Heights 

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