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Since the outbreak of Covid-19, hand sanitizers have become a necessity in everyone's lives. Well, that goes the same for masks as well. My skin tends to get dry and sensitive really easily, thus I am really picky when it comes to masks and hand sanitizers. I've tried several hand sanitizers that advertised themselves as non-drying but most of them just left me in disappointment until I came across Dfenze, which not only does its job and is definitely worth the value of money. 

As much as we wish to sanitize every single thing in our lives, not all items can come into contact with alcohol - which is the main ingredient in most of the sanitizers and disinfectants out there. Not only does it dry my skin out big time, I am also wary about the fact that it may damage my leather wallet and electronic devices (laptop, mobile phone and earphones) in the long run. My old yoga mat started peeling after I innocently sprayed a bunch of 75% alcohol IPA on it *eeeks*

This is where Dfenze comes in handy with its active ingredient hypochlorous acid (HOCI) that is produced via electrolysis-treated salt brine solution along with food-grade salt and purified water. 

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What is HOCI?
HOCl is a powerful and effective oxidizer and de-proteiner which has good microbial activity within these cells. Based on biological aspect, HOCl is the chemical naturally generated by our body to combat and ward off any types of infections. Harmful pathogens (bacteria, spores and viruses) can be found all around us in the air, on food, plants, animals, and on inanimate surfaces. The human body uses innate, non-specific mechanisms as the first line of defense against injury and infection. The skin itself, and mucous secretions at epithelial membranes are both important elements of innate resistance. But when these are breached, HOCl is immediately generated in response as the key chemical component of innate immunity. 

Dfenze HOCL Sanitizer & Disinfectant is a versatile solution that is natrual, soothing, biodegradable and safe to be used which also have the features as below:
  • pH 5.0-7.0 Free Available Chlorine: 150 ppm Kill broad spectrums of pathogens 
  • Kill 99.99% Influenza Virus H1N1 (Tested by Gmicro Testing) 
  • Kill 99.99% of bacteria and germs (Tested by Chemical Laboratories Sdn Bhd) 
  • Kill pathogen 80X more effectively than alcohol and bleach sanitizers with the same concentration 
  • Non-toxic (Tested by SIRIM Berhad) 
  • Non-irritant (Tested by SIRIM Berhad) 
  • Physical Characteristic Test (Tested by Gmicro Testing)

Knowing that HOCI is the safest and the most natural sterilization function, I now use it on nearly everything. Now that I have a 500ml one, I spray it on my yoga mat, sofa and even my wooden tables and chairs without worrying that it will cause any damage to the materials. 

You can also spray it all over yourself like holy water if you are too lazy to shower after coming home from the outside. This was already a pet peeve of mine before the whole pandemic thingy, just imagine how it disgusts me even more in this critical period. 

(Always remember to not bring any viruses back home with you for your own sake and your loved ones)

Dfenze products come in various shapes and sizes. No harm buying in bulks or in bigger bottles because these things run out really quickly anyway. Not only can you use them to spray on your hands and objects, but they can be used in air humidifiers and for cleaning food, and even on your pets as well!!

My personal favourite will be this small pocket sanitizer. It fits perfectly into my smallest handbag and I can even slide it into my wallet. Swear to god that I'm definitely bringing this everywhere with me. 

Before I end this blog post, just in case you are wondering if Dfenze's products are legitimate, you can click on this link here to view their certifications for various lab tests. 

Dfenze offers a 14-day guarantee on all their items. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return for a replacement or refund with the original receipt. Click here to shop at Dfenze right now. 

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