Platform 9 3/4 Fine Dining & Cellar @ Georgetown (Part 1 Fine Dining Experience)

Back in June/July this year, I was hunting for a decent fine dining restaurant for my mom's birthday. 

It was then I found this restaurant named Platform 9 & 3/4 by chance. This restaurant was named after the famous platform at King Cross's Station in London where Harry and the others boarded the steam engine train, Hogwarts Express. When I took a look at their Instagram, I knew right away that this would be the place for her! I crossed the other restaurants off my list and proceeded to book it. Reason being that not only my mom is a hardcore foodie (who's kinda hard to please because of her highly pampered taste buds) but she's also a big Harry Potter fan. 

Platform 9 and 3/4 is located diagonally opposite to 1st Avenue on Magazine Road. And it looks pretty hidden so do remember to slow down when you turn into Magazine Road because it's easy to miss it - it's literally just around the corner. 

Right opposite to Platform 9 & 3/4, there's a big open space car park. As parking is a hassle in the city, it's better for you to park across the road and walk over. 

You really can't tell what's behind the door.

Golden snitches and Hedwig greeted us as we walked into the restaurant. 

Let's just run into this wall and escape to Hogwarts, shall we?? 

Wine cellar 

I was in awe with the interior design of this dining space - the whole setting resembles the Great Hall of Hogwarts so much. 

The concept of flying books is so on point!!! The magical vibe gets better when the sky turns darker because it's a glass ceiling up there (keep reading, you will see it later in this post). 

Reminds me of this room setup that I saw in a bedding store in Dubai a few years back. 

Platform 9 & 3 Quarter has a private room upstairs for booking without extra charges. That's a plus point because my mom's very wary about the Covid-19 situation, so having a private space all to ourselves could let her indulge the meal at peace. 

Another thing that I love about Platform 9 & 3/4 is that they offer complimentary birthday setup (balloons), welcome drinks and birthday dessert if you were to book a birthday celebration in advance with them. 

Hogwarts acceptance letter (menu) and a quail pen welcomed us at the table. 

I love how the linen napkin was folded. Such attention to details is a plus! 

Sparkling lemon drink with cotton candy - the complimentary welcome drink that Platform 9 & 3 Quarter prepared for us that night.

Sous Vide Quail Egg served together with smoked salmon mousse, portobello and dehydrated leek. 

The first dish itself was amazing. I love this dish so much and wish they could have given me a larger portion. Haha, totally forgetting that this is fine dining that we are talking about. 

Homemade assorted roll served with truffle butter

Foie Gras Growing Salad 

Apple & Pumpkin Espuma 

Lychee sorbet served with lychee flesh 

Mom picked COD fish with smoked capsicum puree and sauté greens as her main. 

As for me, I went for duck confit with port wine emulsion and sauté greens.

Dessert of the day to finish off the whole fine dining course. 

The complimentary birthday special that Platform 9 & 3/4 prepared for my mom. 

Overall, we were very happy with our fine dining experience at Platform 9 & 3/4. Frankly speaking, I thought my mom wouldn't be satisfied because she's been to too many fine dining places all around the globe, but she had praises for Platform 9 & 3/4 and even said that she'll bring her friends there as well for their birthdays. 

Platform 9 & 3/4 offers three different menus for different budget requirements and dining experience. Above is the menu that I picked out for us. Do contact them for more details as their menus tend to change from time to time. 

Platform 9 & 3/4 Fine Dining and Cellar 

No 61, Magazine Road, 10300 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. 

Contact Number:
+60174145945 / +60126117028

Operating hours: 3pm-10pm daily (closed on Tuesdays)

I'll wrap this blogpost of my fine dining experience at Platform 9 & 3/4 here. My high tea experience at this place will be posted as Part 2 shortly too!

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