My Lazy Aglio Olio Recipe [With Video]

I haven't added a new blog post to Fion's Cookbook series for quite some time. In retrospect, that "some time" means a few years! My usual diet just consists of a lot of lean protein, fruits and vegetables, so I don't think there's much to blog about. 

I love cooking pasta dishes. I don't know why but I just really like them. A few years ago, I shared my simple carbonara recipe but today I'm writing about cooking Aglio Olio pasta in a very lazy manner. That being said though, I promise that it still tastes Good - with a capital G!
Click the video below for instructions:

You only need a few ingredients:
▪ Pasta of your choice
▪ A little bit of salt  
▪ Olive oil (Preferably extra virgin) 
▪ Shrimps 
▪ Chili flakes
▪ Pepper (I'm a pepper monster so I need pepper all the time) 
▪ Broccoli (Or any greens that you like)
▪ Garlic (I didn't use it because I personally don't like garlic - but that's just me)

Just a few simple steps and handful of ingredients, there you have it - an easy and quick meal that's yummy and healthy! 

You can thank me later~ 

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