Althea Korea X The Butterfly Project Christmas Party @ Chubbee Cloud

Last Saturday, I attended the Butterfly Project and Althea Korea's Christmas party at Chubbee Cloud

I believe that the stars aligned themselves specially for me because I had always wanted to collaborate with the Butterfly Project and Althea Korea because they do a lot of Korean products collaboration with bloggers and my Korean obsession by now ain't something new anymore. On top of that, Chubbee Cloud had always been on my to-go-cafe list ever since I stumbled upon it on Instagram. 

You can imagine my excitement when I knew that I was selected for this event and not only that, I was paid to fly down to KL for another work thingy, so it's a major YAY for me! 

So much pink in one little space!

I remember how socially awkward I was when I went to my first ever event in Penang at SF Coffee's opening but I think I did improve a little this time around. Nevertheless, I was still pretty nervous when I entered the venue and Sonia's the first person to smile at me once I through the door. Seeing that she's alone, we started talking and clicked right away because she likes K-Pop too! 

Then, I saw Cheryl who was looking around aimlessly and I just asked her if she would like to sit with us. It's not Wednesday but we still wore pink - whoever that gets this pun, we can sit together and be BFFs~ HAHA~ That's how the 3 of us became friends ♥♥

Thank you Sonia for gifting us the Christmas headbands too ♥  

We were given this little mission card cum F&B coupon to claim our drinks and snacks for the afternoon.

This candy cart was too cute to handle. 

Totally overshot my calorie intake of the day but it'd be even more sinful to refuse them. 

Many thanks to Chubbee Cloud and Ask Joey for such magical desserts ♥

The biggest surprise was definitely this UFO game machine hiding behind the candy cart. There were vouchers of different amounts  and sample products sponsored by Althea Korea.

Chubbee Cloud's signature bath tub corner was full of Althea's Christmas gift boxes. The huge pink teddy's adorable. 

I'm a sucker for cute neon lights. There's something so fascinating about them - you can't have a bad mood while looking at neon lights, right? 

Althea's exclusive products - can I have everything please!  

Good news are meant to be shared so here I am telling you that there's a BUY 1 FREE 1 promotion going on for these Althea creamy concealers.

Mandatory photo corner for everyone. 

5 chances for each person and it's not surprising to hear a bunch of girls screaming and laughing at this corner - a real adrenaline rush. 

I am someone who really suck at games be it Temple Run, paper scissors stone or even Angry Bird level 1, I suck, period. So, I didn't give it much hope at all. That being said though, I was still very nervous when it was my turn. Thank you Cheryl for being my photographer during this time. 

The first 3 times I totally failed. 

To my greatest astonishment, on the 4th tried, I got the ball!! 

Couldn't believe it! 

Showing off my Pokeball like a proud Pokemon catcher. 

I don't really mind what's the amount of the voucher that I got in the ball, but the fact that I got it with my own hands was way more meaningful than anything else. Gonna remember this moment forever!! 

Thank you Chubbee Cloud and Althea for this extraordinary surprise. They actually went to my Instagram and handpicked a selfie of mine and got it printed onto a marshmallow!! 


For those who don't know, Chubbee Cloud specializes in making personalised marshmallows. Pick the photos of your choice and they'll print it for you. There are options for customized marshmallow gift boxes too. 

Chubbee Cloud's cafe at Uptown PJ (Damansara near Starling Mall), you can order their handcrafted beverages and toasts.

I ordered the Magical Mericorn Milkshake. 

Kimchi chicken and Boba Bomb Toast as our afternoon snack.

Eating a mermaid tail~

Stole a pastel blue donut from the candy cart. 

I just couldn't leave my big fluffy friend alone, so I went back to chill with him for a while. 

My lovely companions and tablemates of the day ♥ 

Of course not forgetting to take advantage of Tagbooth's Christmas Sticker Photobooth to capture some memories with Sonia and Cheryl hehe...

I give my greatest respect and admiration to all these best dressed girls. Evidently, they put in a hell lot of effort into their picking their outfits and totally deserved it. 

Group photo to wrap up the Christmas party. 

OMO, many thanks to Althea Korea for such a generous gift box~ Santa came early this year!!

This Hanbok keychain is definitely one of the best things from the Althea gift box. Cheryl and Sonia got different coloured ones (I think) and I was, still am very pleased that I got the colour combination that's similar to the Hanbok that I wore in South Korea last year~ Awww, the memories! 

이거 꼭 영원히 간직할게요~

Thank you Eros for capturing this picture of me ♥ 

Thank you Althea Korea, Thank you Tammy, Thank you the Butterfly Project for inviting me to this Christmas party and for making one of my resolutions of 2018 come true. I actually wrote in my 2018 resolutions that I would love to collaborate with a Korean brand in this year, and I got to collab with Althea Korea!!!!! I'll forever cherish the memories of my very first Christmas party~!

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