Christmas Buffet @ G Hotel Gurney's Taste Café

I can't believe that in a blink of eye we are preparing for Christmas. 1.5 months left till the end of 2018! How shocking~ It was like yesterday when I was just watching the NYE fireworks from my balcony. 

Not too long ago, I went to G Hotel Kelawai for a food review on their set lunch (read here). FYI, I personally went back to Spoon Cafe with my family and friends for a few times and paid out of our own pockets. So it's safe to say that I'm a genuine advocate for their set lunch offer! Just read that blog post to find out more!  

When G Hotel extended another invitation for me to attend their Christmas buffet review, I was elated! This time, the venue was different. It's at G Hotel Gurney instead.

My girl friend Rachael got invited too so we went there together again, just like last time! 

Dress code was 'Christmas' for the night. To be honest, I really suck at dealing with dress codes. I pulled out this outfit with pink and white and a sparkly silver collar which made me resemble a wrapping paper topped with a glittered ribbon! I don't have any explanation for the black Uniqlo jeggings because they are like my closet essential and sorta like my only go-to option for any given occasion, natch.  

In conjunction with the upcoming Christmas celebration, Taste Café at G Hotel Gurney offers a Christmas Day Lunch for only RM125 per adult and RM65 per child whereas buffet dinner’s price for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is RM180 per adult and RM90 per child. 

In addition, make reservations from now until 9 December 2018 to enjoy the 15% early bird discount applicable for all buffets in Taste Café and SPOON.

Taste Café is very spacious and offers both indoor and outdoor seating.

This year’s Taste Café Christmas menu features a harmonious mix of palate-pleasing flavour for the buffet lunch and dinner. Of course, me being me, I was already eyeing on the dessert corner once I stepped into Taste Café. 

Get the chef to barbeque your preferred marine morsels and meats on the spot with their Lava Stone BBQ grill that's imported all the way from Indonesia. 

Spoiled with condiment choices too. Btw, the sausages were awesome! 

The carving station featuring all things yummy - I was on carnivore (or rather T-rex) mode so I went straight for it. 

I seriously regret writing this blog post at night...I'm famished and craving for food so badly right now looking at these photos! 

I live for desserts!!! Deliberately hit the gym more diligently before this night so I could indulge in the sweets in a sinful manner. 

Clinking glasses with Rachael and my new friends Olivia and Cheryl 

The 3 of us decided to share everything so we could try out more things. 

We were super full but there's always room for more desserts. 

Thank you Annie for the warm hospitality, funny jokes and the invitation!

Before I end this blog post, if you are the type of person who'd rather celebrate Christmas at home, I have good news for you. You can opt to takeaway G Hotel's freshly cooked roasted turkey with the stuffing filled with roasted chestnuts, chipolata, aromatic onions and more, along with cranberry sauce and gravy for only RM399 or RM350 if you place your order by 15 December 2018. Now that does save you a lot of hassle, doesn't it?

Don't even get me started on this...before I put up the Christmas tree in my house, G Hotel has already made plans for New Year's celebration! WHUT?! Now, don't forget to mark your calendar for your pre-NYE countdown party! I hope I'd be invited hehe~

For reservations or more information about holiday festivities, please visit or call G Hotel Gurney at +604 238 0000 or G Hotel Kelawai at +604 219 0000 for the booking and assistance.

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