The House of Dior @ National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

I was going through my photos on my computer the other day and I realized that I completely forgot to blog about The House of Dior exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria (in Melbourne, Australia) that I went to this time last year.

I bet people who are into fashion and couture wouldn't have missed it. Too bad this exhibition's no longer at NGV anymore but my blog post is here to stay :p

The National Gallery of Victoria is one of the places which I would recommend people to visit if they are into arts and designs. Themed exhibitions usually require tickets but there's also a free section of NGV for you to visit. So thankful that my school actually made us go here for a compulsory excursion during one of our History classes back then if not I wouldn't have known the hidden treasures in here. 

I was completely blown away by the number of people waiting in line. It's crazy that we had to queue up in the cold for 30 minutes before they opened their doors and another 1 hour or so just to get our tickets and enter into the exhibition hall. If I'm not mistaken, I think I paid around $30-35 AUD for The House of Dior exhibition. 

Luckily I invited Yanan to go to the exhibition with me instead of going alone if not I would be so bored being kept in line forever. 

The exhibition halls were quite small and there were tonnes of people in there. Or maybe it was because there were heaps of people there so it became hella crowded. Even walking around was a challenge, let alone taking good photos. Nevertheless, it was very worth it!

I'm just gonna let the photos to do the talking since I'm not a fashion designer by any means -  don't wanna give my unworthy 2 cents.  

I wasn't the type of kid who grew up loving Barbie dolls and being all obsess with those little dresses. Believe it or not, I am also not the type of girl who'd fantasize about getting married, how my own wedding would be like with wedding dresses, cakes, flowers and things like that. However, after coming out from the exhibition doll, I texted my bestie and said, "OMG can you believe it? This House of Dior exhibition made me dream about wearing a wedding dress for the first time ever in my life!" It was that mindblowing! And totally worth the long wait and being pushed around! 

Now, a year has passed, my sudden desire of wanting to wear dresses like that has of course worn out. It probably just lasted for that few hours LOL~

Just imagine how much years of heart, sweat and tears that these couture designers and founders have to go through to get there where they are today. The most respectable thing is that they started during the time when there was no Internet at all! Whether you are a fan of luxury items or not, you can't deny this is a form of art that is worth appreciating ♥

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