Rustica & Industry Beans in Fitzroy

As mentioned previously, I have recently fallen in love with this place called Fitzroy (read more here). There's something about this place that attracts me there but I can't pinpoint what's that fascinating selling point HAHA!

A few weeks ago, I decided to go to Fitzroy with Wei Chern to get our brunch since it's kinda rare for us to wake up early enough on a Saturday morning. Usually we'd be heading for grocery shopping but I did it on Friday so this Saturday's a free day!

Here's a little vlog to record our morning :D  A morning like this doesn't come often.

For my previous vlog featuring 2 Fitzroy's designer markets, click here!

Mandatory "tourist" shoots. This is Fitzroy - everywhere's Instagram-worthy!

Found this place on Google and Instagram and we decided to give it a try!

Rustica has several branches in Melbourne but this one that we went is their HQ which was established in April 2012. Located on 402 Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. 

The cafe was pretty crowded and it only got more congested as time passed by. We were lucky to grab ourselves 2 seats without having to wait in line. 

Personally, I prefer brunch places with a choice of a dish or a little pastry, so I don't have to always end up eating one big plate of food on my own when I'm not in my T-rex eating mode.

You will be spoilt with choices once you enter the place without even needing a menu because these are right over the counter!

Got ourselves 2 croissants. Just look at my expression which says "It's all MINE!"

Wei Chern's caramel and hazelnut croissant

Normally, I'd love something by default as long as it has caramel in it BUT not this time, because my choice of croissant is GOD DAMN AMAZING! Sorry caramel, you just gotta bear with the fact that you are playing the second fiddle now :p

If you ever plan on bribing me, PLEASE get me this Ispahan croissant (AUD 6.5). 

I swear to god when a pastry has the elements of edible flowers in it, it IS heaven on earth! Plus, this has lychee in it, so that's heaven ON heaven!

Okay...perhaps, that's just me! Fion and her edible flower obsession. 

Holy shit every single bite I had, I felt that I was one step closer to heaven! It's not even a joke! I will definitely come back to Rustica for more of the Ispahan croissants and also try out their other pastries. 

I'm so thankful that we stumbled upon this place on Google, if not we wouldn't have known about its existence!

I had tried out the Rustica branch in Melbourne CBD when I am typing this post right now. However, it's sad to say that their HQ had way better portions and quality in their food. The long walk to Fitzroy's a MUST if you really wanna have your Rustica craving satisfied. 

Stopped by a nursery which was near to Rustica. 

What's Fitzroy without a graffiti shot?

Industry Beans was founded by 2 brothers who shared a great passion for coffee in 2010. 

It's a coffee roastery, restaurant and brew bar - all in one warehouse conversion. Unlike Rustica, this is the only Industry Beans that you can find in Melbourne. On a side note, many other famous cafe/branch places will serve coffees made from the roasted coffee beans produced by Industry Beans, so you might stand a chance to have the same taste somewhere else without having to come all over to Fitzroy. 

Since we had already filled our stomachs with croissants from Rustica, we decided to have our coffee at Industry Beans instead. We gotta make this long walk worthwhile right? :p

The cafe was so busy that we had to wait in the cold because there wasn't any empty space that could allow us to stand in the indoors. 

I ordered a cappuccino in a takeaway cup as we were heading down to Rose Street Market and we couldn't be bothered to be kept in a line to get seats for merely 2 cups of coffee. 

To be frank, both Wei Chern and I were rather disappointed in our coffee. I don't know whether it's because a legitimate good coffee should always be served in a cup and not in takeaway form or was it because of my unbelievably expectations from them as I had heard so many friends raved about it. 

Oh well, I guess I shall just give this place another chance - meaning, I should just bring a book and sit here with a cup of coffee on one fine day and I shall justify again during that time. NYAHAHA That gives me another reason to come to this area for my god sent croissant!

Before I sign off, for those who don't know, Industry Beans is very near to the Rose Street Market which is a place full of local designers selling their self-created masterpieces. 

Have fun eating and shopping :D

June 2016 Favourites

OMG in just a blink of eye, I'm writing my June favourites. It's just as if yesterday I was writing my May favourites which is my very first post of this monthly series.

Many things happened in June and as the first half of 2016 came to an end, I really hope the 2nd half of 2016 will be better. *I believe it will*

1) Music

I'm obsess with EXID these days. After I watched the live stage of their new song "LIE". I had watched a couple of their music videos previously and I felt the hidden sensual meaning made the music video very awkward and I never had any idea to check them out again. Until one day when I just left my Youtube app playing then I came across this song - I LOVE IT and I'm so hooked!!! 

I went to dig through their old songs and I love "HOT PINK" too! It's so addictive! 

Sistar's new song "I Like That". What can I say? Sistar is Sistar and they always make me have their songs on replay!

Also, throughout June I had been enjoying and appreciating Christina Grimmie's legacy and here are a few songs that I couldn't stop having them on replay these days. 

2) Food

I found out a place called Rustica at Fitzroy and OMG...THEY HAVE THE MOST HEAVENLY CROISSANT that came with edible flowers.

Whenever I eat something with edible flowers, I always feel like I have died and gone to foodie heaven. Thanks to the Sydney's Black Star Pastry watermelon cake with edible flowers on top of it - that's my first exposure to edible flowers.

PS: Regarding to this croissant, I will have a separate blog post and even a vlog specially for it, so stay tuned! *it's THIS serious*

In addition to that, I started having serious craving for avocados! Don't even know what's wrong with me as I used to hate them to the bones!

3) Book

From my last month's favourites, I mentioned a Youtuber called Lavendaire. In her videos, she mentioned this book and how it changed her life in putting things in order in one's home.

After I finished listening to it (I used audio book for it - click here), I spent a few weeks tidying my closet and sorting things in order.

It is a very inspiring book that talks about one of the most common issues that people have when it comes to tidying their home. I bet everyone has this type of issues, no matter how much effort you put into tidying, it always rebounds to the same old frustrating situations again.

Instead of throwing things away or trying to find places to put your things away, Marie Kondo (aka Konmari) tells you to keep things that spark joy in you and throw/donate/recycle those that do not. Then, find a place for the joy-sparking items for your home.

Through this, I somehow discovered a way to control my impulsive shopping urges. Whenever I feel like I want to buy something, I will ask myself "Does this spark joy?" or "Does this spark enough joy for me to make a space for it in my life?" Whenever I couldn't have a straight up "YES" to those questions, then I'd just forget about it.

She even has a typical way of folding clothes which will keep your closet organised. Thus, I took out all my clothes and ironed and fold each of them accordingly!

Though I didn't follow every single thing she taught in her book, the ideas and concepts are good to be incorporated into your own lifestyle. I personally think it's a really great book which will potentially change your outlook of life!

4) Adding flowers to my room

Ever since I finished watching Sex And The City, I have always wanted to have fresh flowers in my room! So after I tidied up my room using the Konmari method, I bought some blue orchids and put it in this Ikea milk jar on my bedside table! 

I'm amazed by how long these blue orchids could survive! This week marks its 3rd week in my room and it's still looking good *yay* Wonder what species will I get after this!

4) A new experience

I went to help out at my favourite florist and learnt how to make terrariums. Trust me now I can build 10 in just 1 hour! NYAHAHA!

That pretty much sums up my month of June, I believe I will be able to live my July and the rest of the months in a much fruitful way! How's your month of June? Anything interesting happened? Please feel free to share down below because I'm nosy as usual! :P