Easy Fruit Salad Baguette Recipe

Today is a food tutorial. HAHA Ever since I gave up on my food blog several years ago, I had never thought of doing a blogpost about a food tutorial - in other words, a recipe! :p

Disclaimer: I learnt this recipe around 6 or 7 years ago from a Taiwanese blogger but I can't find her blog to her original link here. Just so you know that I have modified the recipe a little to match my own liking though it's obviously a nice way to say I'm effing lazy like this.

I called this the FRUIT SALAD BAGUETTE! 

Not only it's easy to make, it looks cute too! Apart from having mayonnaise as one of the ingredients, I would say this thing is pretty healthy because it contains vegetable and fruits and eggs! :D

Now let's get into the ingredients:

(i) Baguette / French Loaf - I used a baguette because french loaves were all sold out when I went to the grocery T_T

(ii) Fruit Salad - cut your own favourite fruits if you wish 

(iii) Mayonnaise

(iv) Hard boiled eggs & Potato

(v) Few leaves of cabbage & Corn

Get everything ready and now we can start preparing WHEE! The fun starts here:

Heat up the corn (I used a steamer here but you can boil it too)

Peel the potato skin off > Cut it into pieces > Boil them till they are soft

Pour out some fruit salad & wash it with water to get rid of the sweetness of its syrup

Get rid of BOTH ends of the baguette

Then cut them into equal sizes (obviously I failed - Fion has bad estimation)

Dig out the centre of the baguette BUT don't make it hollow. Remember to not dig all the way through - leave a base that is thick enough to carry the weight of the ingredients that we are about to put into it!

When you are done, you will have something that looks like this ^^

When the corn is cooked, mix it with the fruit salad (which shouldn't contain the syrup anymore)

When the potato slices got soft after being cooked, mix them with the hard boiled eggs (of course you boil the eggs beforehand and remove the shell of the eggs, duh!)

Add in mayonnaise to the potato slices and eggs

Mash them into small pieces

You shall have a well mashed mixture of mayo, egg and potato when you're done

Pour everything into the fruit salad & corn mixture - basically all the ingredients are chucked into one big bowl (apart from the baguette and cabbage leaves)

Then mix all of them together!!! (Don't do any further mashing - just MIX them)

You MAY need to add more mayo depending on your own preference 

The mixture may look a bit gross at this point of time - but it will taste good, I promise

Now all we have to do is to fill up the baguette pieces with this mixture!

Then top each of them off with a piece of cabbage leaf! 

You can't simply ignore the importance of food presentation :p (Just like how you need to get your eyebrows done when you are doing a full face makeup)

Anyway, this is a super simple and cute snack that you can definitely make without going through too much fuss. Most important of all, it's absolutely instagram-worthy! HAHA

Have fun making them!! ^^

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  1. wah~~ the power of LOVE~~ wuhoo~~ anyway , this recipe is worth to try!



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