Cover of "Winter Child 겨울아이" by Suzy 수지 (Miss A) - Dream High OST

Sorry to disappoint you, but unlike the other bloggers out there, I don't have anything much to share about how I spent my Christmas day. Celebrating Xmas is not a norm in my family to begin with anyway.

So, I spent most of my time in front of my laptop recording and editing a song for my beloved #trebleclef XIXI~

To be really honest, I am not really familiar with this song (even after I spent hours recording and editing it) and I seldom like singing such slow song. And on the other hand, because my neighbour is having some kind of renovation that involves a lot of annoying drilling and knocking, initially I thought it was impossible for me to record this cover. However, thankfully I managed to rush through this whole thing since it's a public holiday on Christmas! KEKE!

By the way, I never like tying my hair because my face looks like a HUGE pancake but because Xixi told me that she has never seen me with my hair away from my face, so I sacrificed for her.


My dear Xixi, Sorry to disappoint you.....

Now you know when I freaking tie up my hair, I look absolutely NOTHING like this ^

In fact, I really look hundred times worse than this ^


Anyway, hope you have an awesome day!

Love you forever! MUAKSSSS I'm really thankful that I met you through blogging. Like seriously, come to think of it, there are so many bloggers out there, but you, I would say, throughout this 1.5 year, you have been like a big sister to me. Although we don't chat everyday and we have never met in person before, you are someone who gives me the best advice that enlightens and cheers me up every single time without fail. I am forever looking forward excitedly to our meeting day! ♥

PS: I managed to find the video that you sent me during my birthday earlier this year HEHE! Here you go~

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In this world, there is not such thing as a worthless dream ~Jin Guk (Taecyeon from Dream High)

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Cover of 2NE1 "Come Back Home"

It's been a hella long time since I last did a song cover. This time, my housemate and I decided to go all out with our music passion. Since the 2 of us love music so much but we don't get to pursue anything related to music, we thought "why not do everything ourselves and learn from Google and Youtube?"

That's why for this cover, unlike my previous ones, I actually recorded it on a real condenser microphone. As we haven't mastered the mixing techniques and haven't figured out how to play around the effects on Audacity and Adobe Audition (yes, first time being exposed to audio editing programs too~!), I chose an acoustic song, so I just had to record the raw vocal kekeke! So what you are about to listen below is my pure voice with no touch-ups or any additional sugar, spice and everything nice :p

After recording the vocal, I just shot a video with myself lip syncing to my own voice! You can't believe how amused I was while doing all these by myself~ Everything is so new and I felt like I've entered into a completely world.

PS: Ignore the super messy background. Since exams are around the corner, I can't be bothered to tidy my room just yet~

Anyway, I had fun doing this song. 2NE1 is my favourite K-Pop girl group. Before I was all gaga over the K-Pop industry, I was already listening to their songs and that was before I knew any other K-Pop artistes apart from Wonder Girls and Super Junior.

Come Back Home is also one of top favourite songs by 2NE1. Chaelin and Minzy are AWESOME!!!

I'm done blabbering HAHA....Have to go back to my studies :(

Do feel free to let me know what you think about this cover :) I HOPE I did justice to this song though.....

Behind the scenes! HAHAHA

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