Shin Dang Dong Tteokbukki

Today, I am going to introduce the WORLD's BEST TIDBITS/SNACK EVERRRR that I've ever tasted! Sincerely voted by me and my housemate as the number 1 delicious snack we have ever tasted in our 20 years' of lives (so, this is REAL deal!)

I'm just going to keep this blog post short and simple. My main aim is just to introduce this to you guys so you know that something THIS mouth-watering does exist and you should definitely give it a try :p


If you can't read Korean, just go into any korean grocery shop and tell them you are looking for "SHIN DANG DONG TTEOKBUKKI" and they will know what you are after ;)

Fun fact: Shin Dang Dong is a place in Korea that is very famous for its rice cakes.

This is how the packaging looks like.

This thing definitely beats potato chips, doritos, cookies, macarons, nachos....I don't need anything other snacks in my life anymore as long as I can have a lifelong supply of SHIN DANG DONG TTEOK!

OMG I'm at the brink of drooling all over my laptop keyboard! How can Koreans be so blessed with nearly literally everything - they have the best makeup products, best skincare, best music, best looking people, best fashion and best food!

Can I just migrate to Korea now please!

Eating this while studying makes studying less miserable! (well, studying Korean is an exception to any other form of studying though~)

Anyway, if you are living in Melbourne, you can find SHIN DANG DONG TTEOKBUKKI from Laguna (at QV) or KT Mark (on Elizabeth Street, opposite Queen Victoria Market)!

It's a MUST TRY!

I told my mom about how heavenly delicious this tteok is and she asked me to bring a big packet back to Malaysia for her to try (still cracking my head on how to prevent this thing from being squashed in my luggage!)

That's all for today~ If any of you have tried this before or you'll be trying them after reading this blog post PLEASE let me know~ HEHE

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