First Korean Cuisine and #BoJio Gathering

Korean food was never my cup of thing back then, but ever since last December I tried out their cuisine, I fell in love with it.

I had my very first Korean food in Melbourne with my #BoJio members ^^ Actually this is another super postponed blog post, I had totally forgotten about those photos that I took in the restaurant until today I attempted to clear my laptop's memory. And if you are wondering what that hashtag means, I can tell you frankly I don't really know where did it originate from. The literal meaning of it is "NO INVITE" in Hokkien. Can't recall since when we started calling each other "BO JIO" and we later on called ourselves THE BO JIO! >< 4 of us in a group, 3 guys: TJ, Terry and Ga Luoh; I'm the only girl, so I got to be treated well haha :p They are just like my big brothers taking care of the rebellious and naughty little sister :p

Terry asked me last year, "YO BO JIO, you like Korea and Koreans so much, do you like Korean food?"

I said no, because I hadn't had the chance to try it out. So after graduation, Terry invited us out for lunch before we parted for our hometowns. We went out for my very first Korean meal and also our first #BoJio outing :p

#1 The menu


#3 Some "Subway" concept (IMO)




#7 Love their service. People serving BBQ, so my hair won't go smelly hehe ><

#8 This is the start of my love for Kimchi :3



#11 My favourite dish of the day.



#14 TJ's annoying face!

#15 Ga Luoh was having so much fun BBQ-ing himself! 

#16 Terry looking at Ga Luoh as if he was his son...LOL~

#17 In the tram, Ga Luoh looking so bored.

#17 TJ looks like a cockcroach xP

#18 In the casino, TJ leading the way like a boss, but we ended up getting lost and walking round and round like a hamster in the cage ==''

NOTE: I didn't gamble AT ALL, NOT EVEN ONCE. It's so NOT my thing. 

#19 I just selca-ed. 

#20 And got warned by a casino staff...*sigh* I knew we weren't suppose to selca in the casino, but I was so bored, I had absolutely nothing to do except for looking at people gamble....

Eventually I pulled them out from there because I wanted to go have ice cream :p

#21 TADAH! My ice cream :3

#22 TJ trying to act cute for 4 continuous shot, aka 可爱4连拍! I told him to do that on his own risk because I don't want to bear responsibility if he ended up with no girlfriend cause he looks so sissy! LMAO~

#23 Take 2

#24 Take 3

#25 Take 4

#26 Terry's turn, challenged by TJ. I WANNA PUKE LOOKING AT THIS PHOTO, like literally!! WTF!

#27 HAHAHAHA! Don't misunderstand, me and him are just buddies, just that we both got high marks in our drama exams, which made us good actor and actress. We wanted to take this photo on purpose because people often thought that we were dating and we wanted to prove them "RIGHT" hahahaha >< truth is HELL NO!

#28 TJ's selca with me!

#29 OMG can't stand him acting so innocent like a 5 year old kid, hahaha!



#32 Terry and Ga Luoh. Ga Luoh looks like a kid here! Terry looks lansi!

#33 TJ and I. 

So this was how the #BoJio gathering went...EAT EAT EAT AND EAT! 
Still remember that time I got to know them because we were in the same History of Ideas lecture. How we came to know each other and eventually forming the "club" I really can't remember anymore, but I guess, most importantly, it's the friendship that matters. Now that we are now in different streams already, it's impossible for the 4 of us to attend the same lecture already, that's why I'm looking forward to the next #BoJio gathering. Terry promised to buy me Korean food again for me belated 19 birthday haha :p *hyped*

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