Today is the 2nd day of my holiday. I'm so bored at home because my BFF Erica went back to Malaysia. Had been accompanying my friends for shopping these few days. Now feeling so tired and all I wanna do is to laze around in my room and do nothing.

"Today I don't feel like doing anything" #lazysong >< Maybe I should just learn this song off guitar :p know typical girls....Although I went out for shopping and didn't really buy anything, I spotted a few things that I want, just that the prices didn't allow me to buy them TT


Some things in life you just cannot and should not wait! I really regret the other day for not signing up the promotion iPhone 4s plan. 1 week before iPhone 5 came out there's a promotion package for iPhone 4S, free 2GB internet data but that time my mom asked me to wait for iPhone 5. Now that iPhone 5 came out already, the promotion for 4S ended. And worst still, not only the price for 4S doesn't depreciate, the plan for 4S is $1 more expensive than iPhone 5. WTH!

Actually I'm not really particular with iPhone 5. Just that I want a white iPhone. Particular with the WHITE iPhone because all my idols are using WHITE iPhones - Orianthi, Jang Keun Suk, Jung Yong Hwa, Christina Grimmie, XiaXue, Cheesie and QiuQiu. 

I can't stand my Nokia e72 anymore, so slack and so boring. No apps to play with at all and the camera sucks. So BAD for selca :/ The other day I went out with Erica and she let me "exploit" her 4S camera, OMG, we took so so so many selcas, it was such great fun!! Don't feel like buying a camera because I'm lazy to add more weight to my bag. 

I will definitely "dress up" my iPhone with gorgeous cases!!

#2 Perfume

I always dream of having my OWN perfume. Not Disney's cologne anymore, but a REAL one. So far, among all the perfumes that I tried, my number 1 favourite is the Miss Dior Cherie series. 

Number 2 is Harajuku series.

To me, I feel that every girl should have their own perfume. And since I'm already 18, I think it's time to get myself a bottle of this guilty indulgence.

But they are quite expensive so I didn't buy. Gonna save money and buy it for my 19th birthday...perhaps? @@

#3 Rolling Stones Tee

That day when I went out with Erica, I saw this at T-Bar (a Tee shop) but it was freaking $40! OMG! This is just soooooo cool! Moreover, I saw Jung Yong Hwa oppa wearing this! ROCK!

#4 Highlights
Photo owned by Ashley Lau, taken from her Facebook page
Apparently the dip dying trend is going literally everywhere. Too bad I can't do dip dying because no.1 it's super duper expensive in Australia, no.2 my hair is sooooo short (plus out of shape). The only thing I feel like trying now is this kind of hair. Just a strip of highlight. Although I loved all of Ashley's hair colour (of course she rocks all the colours), my all time favourite is this hair of hers. Inner highlight. Won't be too eye-catching and it gives a bit of the mysterious feel.

Saw a small packet of DIY dye in the shops the other day. A dark purple one. Feel like buying it to try because it's only $4. SHOULD I??? Hmmm....Will purple look good on me? Will I look be able to pull off this kind of style? Or should I wait till I get back to Malaysia only decide? 

#5 Wings Sneakers

OMG! These will definitely be the coolest sneakers ever in the universe! I have an incredible obsession with "wing" and "feather" things! LOVE THESE!! Hope I can get them someday! For now, I don't even dare to find out the prices ><


That's all for my current wishlist. Gonna apply The Secret principle and get these attracted into my life from now onwards! :p

So....What else do you wish to possess at this moment? Feel free to share ^^

Saturday, September 22, 2012

In conjunction with the 50 years celebration of MelbourneBallet, there’s a free ballet exhibition going on right now until 23 Septemberin Gallery 1 and St Kilda Road Foyer Gallery at Arts Centre Melbourne.

This ballet exhibition is brought to you by Arts CentreMelbourne. 

Time in Motion: 50 years ofThe Australian Ballet celebrates the enduring style, strength and passion ofThe Australian Ballet and its creative output over 50 years. Drawn from ArtsCentre Melbourne’s Performing Arts Collection and The Australian Ballet’sarchives, the exhibition features photographs, film, designs and costumes. Timein Motion: 50 Years Of The Australian Ballet re-visits some of the company’smost memorable works illustrating its dynamic rise to become a national icon ofworld-class status.

This was really a MUST-GO thing on my holiday list once Isaw it on the flyer. However, I procrastinated for 2 weeks cause I got hookedon a Korean drama :p Finally, I went with Micah on Sunday. I actually got toknow Micah 4 days ago but since she’s also a ballerina, she’s hyped with thatexhibition thingy.

Unfortunately, the exhibition wasn’t as big as I hadexpected and the NO photos were allowed. Heck!!! I was there to shoot lots ofpretty pictures to share with my ballet friends and also to post on my blog.Luckily I brought along my iPad, so it’s less suspicious. However I could onlytake a few bad quality photos taken at weird angles because there were guards around.Anyway, it’s better than nothing :p NOW, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.I apologize for the awful photos :S

The head accessories are way better than those ordinary tiaras <3

Gorgeouscostumes and accessories~

Love the black pointe shoes sooooo much :3

I remember seeing this poster in my ballet school last time. I wonder if my teacher still has it now~

The elegant professional ballet dancers x

Photo collection from previous years’ performances. Theballerinas are so graceful! *Love Love*

Selca of the day with Micah. Don't know why my expression so kiampa ><

Got some tiny souvenirs for my ballet teacher xx

Leaflet, postcard and poster!

Micah and I both have this poster in our rooms. Many asked me, "Why do you have this in your room? You like ballet?". My answer "I DID ballet last time" would often make their reaction become like this --> @@, followed by a "REALLY?"

Now I'll prove to you!

Can guess which one is me?? x)

Hehe! I'm the darkest colour one. Dark blue *mad love* Too bad I didn't get to choose black or else it would definitely be black. Dark blue was because it's the darkest colour in the entire range nyahaha :p

My group members: Jingle and ZeWen. Both hunnies were in the same high school as me. We called ourselves #TeamPengHwa ><

Melissa's outfit's colour was the most unique one, though I love mine the most! LOL!

Jia Ni and Evon xo 

Both of them and Melissa were #TeamPorTay. And we always quarreled over whether PengHwa or PorTay (those are our schools' names in Hokkien) should go first when our teacher asked us to dance. HEHEHE~

Here comes the super unglam behind-the-scenes xD

Evon had the chilli red outfit. And both of us always joked around saying when we pair up, we would be SUPERMAN lmao!

This is Evon acting like a flying superman :p

Jingle bullied me TT Put someone's ballet shoe behind my back! WTH! I'll just assume that shoe was mine to reduce my disgust ><

My revenge! TRYing to slap her with a shoe.

Character dance! I loved the dress because it's black and duh...made me look thinner. And the shoes had heels, which at that time I thought they were pretty awesome because I didn't get to wear high heels last time, so this were considered as my first heels.

Our academy shirt! 3 people squashing into a small changing room for selca!

Gosh, writing this post makes me miss them so awfully much! Miss those Wednesdays and Saturdays when we gathered in class for practice and also with lots of insane jokes and nonsense~ Gonna ask them out for reunion when I get back to Penang. I miss the pearl milkshake that we used to get downstairs! 

By the way, 

My ballet academy was Elizabeth Ballet Academy (EBA). Whoever wants to enroll in ballet lessons, EBA will be the best choice!
[note: this is NOT an advert, it's my sincere recommendation]


723R-2/S2 Vanda Business Park, 
Jalan Sungai Dua,
11700 Gelugor, 

Contact number: +6 04 658 0936

ps 1: This is a super super postponed post. I can't believe I actually postponed this for an entire term. I went to this exhibition during my last term break ><

ps 2: How fugly my short hair was last time....So much thanks to the ridiculous not-longer-than-5cm-hair-length-from-ear-lobe school rule for making me look like a complete nerd :/

Thursday, September 20, 2012


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