Box of L-O-V-E ♥

Aigoo…recently there’s so much work for me to do until I procrastinated this blog post. Was suppose to blog about this on Thursday but I was rushing my History essay until I’m about to go insane.


Seriously, I feel so loved and blessed to have friends who I met online. Among so many of them, (I think) Daphne is the closest to me :3 [Bear in mind, I LOVE all of them, every single one of them!] Even though I never met her before in person (cause we met through blogging and Facebook), I feel that she’s like one of my closest friend. OMG!!! I can’t describe how fortunate I am to have such friend like her. Sometimes I can’t help crying over the fact that the people that I know online treat me much better than the people who is around me everyday. So freaking touched!!!

The other day Daphne held a small quiz on her blog letting us guess how much did she spend on her sushi dinner. Initially I never thought that I would guess correctly (I’m bad at guessing things ><), just wanted to try out my luck. I didn’t keep my hopes high at all. When she announced that I got the 2nd nearest answer, I was practically jumping. Not because I would be able to get a prize from her but because finally I could win some kind of quiz, probably the first time in my life xD

On Thursday afternoon, the prize that Daphne sent me arrived. (SORRY DAPHNE, I wanted to surprise you with this blog post, but I didn’t have the time to blog so I told you it hasn’t received yet :/ SORRY~ 미안해~)

Here is my box of LOVE!

So cute of Daphne to address me by my Facebook name ^^ I blurred out our addresses on purpose ㅋㅋㅋSERIOUSLY, for the first time in my life I’m receiving a parcel from a friend (everytime was from ebay :p), somemore from JAPAN!!!! *bias bias* The things all are super duper incredibly CUTE to the max!! I don’t even have the heart to use them, should I keep everything as memory and collection? :3

Tibits from Japan..aww~~ Japan food is my number 1 favourite!!

Fabric softener from Japan. Cuteness overload!!! Made in Korea *double bias*

I didn't expect THIS ONE!!!! I literally screamed out loud when I pulled this out from the box! NATURE REPUBLIC!!!! JANG KEUN SUK’s folder!!!

Inside the folder is a Nature Republic mask! Japan and Korea’s packagings are soooo seductive!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!! Malaysia's Nature Republic doesn't have this TT Not to mention, there's no Nature Republic in Aussie :(

More to come, Jang Keun Suk’s collection card pack! I’m incredibly starstruck!

Jang Keun Suk’s little memo pad! KAWAII!!!

And there’s this sweet little note which Daphne wrote for me. (even the memo paper from Japan McD is adorable. My heart melted when I read this. So sweet! You purposely bought these Jang Keun Suk things for me right? Cause I don’t think you would give all these to people if it’s not me :p KAMSAHAMNIDA!! :')


I can’t describe in words how bless and how love and how thankful I am. Through Daphne, I learnt that friendship cannot be valued. It’s how you treat people and how people treat you back. It’s a two way thing. The only key to friendship is sincerity.

I believe someday I get to meet Daphne, most probably SOON! Be it in Japan, Malaysia, Korea or Australia. I know we will meet!!! I am keeping my hopes high :)  

I wrote this!! Cause I think that if I write ‘Thank you’s by typing, it’s not that kind of ‘real’ thankfulness that I want to express. And plus, by handwriting, there’s no copy-&-paste ;) The bottom line at the corner is to prove that this image is not from google hahahahha!! *random random* ps: sorry cause I don't know how to write in Japanese ><

Lastly, THANK YOU again Daphne. YOU ARE ONE SUPER DUPER AMAZING FRIEND! LOVE YOU LOTS!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Blessing overload! THANK YOU SO MUCH MY DEAR ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Thank you for remembering that I love Jang Keun Suk, don’t forget that I love you too ^^

By the way, check out Daphne’s blog (here) and Facebook page (here) and also follow her Twitter (here) and Instagram [daphnefroggy]. I did mention she’s an awesome blogger didn’t I?? :DDDD 

Ps: Never say that 'everyone from social networks are BAD', don't show this kind of prejudice. Cause I have LIFE examples that as long as you meet the right people, there's friendship to be built. ^^

Peace and Love, xo

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  1. Hey!!!You make me cry!!!!How can you post this long long post and only just for me!!!!OMG!!!!

    Im so suprised!!! T_______T

    Love you very much!

    1. dont cry dont cry..i give u tissue NAH~haha

      i seriously appreciate EVERYTHING that you did for me. so touched when i received the parcel <3 :') love u MOST!! ^^

  2. Hahaha~ both of you are just lovely kay?? =]
    So sweet of Daphne!!

    1. Hahaha she is but Im not la nehe :3 sooooo thankful until I don't know how to express~

  3. you have such a cute blog & thank you for the comment!! :)



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