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Actually I think I shouldn't be blogging right now ==''' So many things to do, piling like Mount Everest. Finally handed in my Accounting essay on Monday, tomorrow's going to hand in the dreadful History essay, which made the entire school go insane....Last time in Malaysia, when it came to Sejarah (means History in Malay language), all you have to do is memorize all the long winded and boring things that are provided in the textbooks then you can guarantee yourself high scores already.

First time writing my History essay in college. Officially our History course is called History Of Ideas. We called it HOI~~~ Totally different from what I learnt in Malaysia. Now, I am facing loads of things that I haven't seen before. Western civilizations, Greek Philosophers, revolution of!!! And my chosen History essay is about Plato's ideas on leadership. Spent so many hours in the library and also in front of my laptop, writing, rewriting, rewriting, touching-up and retouching-up. AT LAST, due tomorrow. Yay and Nay at the same time xP Quite eager to get it out of my sight, but I'm also anxious about it. Fingers crossed that my efforts will be paid off WELL :)

The reason I let myself away for a short while and come here to blog is because my brain is cramped. System jammed. Currently in a state of writing Literature essay and retouching up my History essay. My teacher asked me to stop thinking about Literature for a few hours then only continue writing. Freaking insane essay >< But anyway, I think I will be able to finish it by tomorrow morning, or latest tomorrow night!!! 


Tuesday in class, before my Accounting lecture started, I saw on Facebook that it was my friend, Wenya's (who was sitting right next to me at that moment) birthday. 

Darn...I didn't even notice that. At the end of the class, before she went to have her lunch, I greeted her Happy Birthday...and that's all~ 

Felt pretty awkward. So later on I caught up with Michelle. (Wenya, Michelle and I are in the same English class). Therefore I went to ask Michelle what idea did she have. Getting gifts or not....Then she suggested that she's planning to go to 7-11 to buy a chocolate bar. *BANG HEAD!* She ownself likes choco, whether birthday girl likes it, we don't really know.

So I pulled her out of the school and headed for a small little convenient shop across the street. Immediately, a few options came to us. Iphone case? Little cups? Earphones? 

Choosing and choosing...the shopkeeper came to have a little chit chat with us. He said that I have very nice Chinese accent. I sounded like a Taiwanese he said. Whee :D *proud* hahaha Finally, Michelle gave in to me, and we bought this cute little mug! 

Cute right? Of course! I have good taste kekeke ;)
Later on, I even emailed my English teacher in advance asking for his permission to get the whole class to sing birthday song for Wenya. Totally got her by surprise! How cute of my teacher! I never thought that he would volunteer to start the session for us :D My bad...cause that time I had forgotten he's one of the coolest teacher ever! (He's the one who taught me how to 'stalked' my guitar goddess Orianthi, read the incredible story HERE!)

Selca with the mug that we bought and acting stupid. Actually I was so damn tired, full day class plus waking up at 5am to touch-up History essay. But good thing, I still had energy to be crazy! xP

Nevermind me~ I'm being totally nonsensical now! LOL
That's all for now. Heading off to eat my lunch...Then...continue? Maybe not Literature essay now, probably Economics! Hah~

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Peace and Love xx

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