Memory Lane of 2013 & New Year Resolutions for 2014

Hey guys! It's 2014 today!

Gosh I still am taken aback by the fact that 2013 is already GONE!

2013 was an amusing year for me, to go down the memory lane a bit:

Jan 2013: Got my 3rd and 4th piercings

Feb 2013: Got my 5th and 6th piercings
               Started my Uni first year

Mar 2013: Met my favourite Youtuber Dave Days and got a kiss from him xD
April 2013: Performed my very first K-pop Dance with the Korean Society members

May 2013: Went to CN Blue concert
                Got in Korean Society committee

June 2013: Had my first Uni exams

July 2013: Went to Sydney for the first time

Aug 2013: Participated in the Korean Society's welcome party-first time attending a Korean event

Sept 2013: Went to K-wave for the first time
                Performed a K-pop Dance again in Uni, this time I was the one who organized everything

Oct 2013: Started to study like shit for my no major things

Nov 2013: 2nd exam in Uni. Ended up badly but managed to pass everything ><
                Got my very first salary

Dec 2013: My 1 month internship
                Met up with my #Addiction Daphne FINALLY
                Attended #Addiction's wedding as a bridesmaid
                Hung out with my blogger idol Chanwon
                Went to Doraemon exhibition
                First time spending new year's eve outside home

I know my life is as simple as a 2-year-old kid's very first ABC book because I don't really have much major things going on in my life, but I am grateful for the fact that I'm still living on this planet. 2013 was quite a new turning point of my life because not only it's my last teenage year, but also it's the start of my life as a Melbourne UNI student, which I am proud of.

As for my 2014, today the very first day, I slept in till 12pm because I'm a bit sick these days. Before I started to watch the last 5 episodes of MARRY HIM IF YOU DARE, I decided to come up here to write about my NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS :p

Perhaps...It's just a rough guideline for me to live through 2014 without wasting it like shit again :p


2! Keep my room tidy ALL THE FREAKING TIME

3! Drink honey lemon EVERY GOD DAMN DAY

4! Sleep early and wake up on time and not rolling in the bed with the phone for a freaking hour

5! Jot down things in a diary so I won't be so forgetful and to prevent procrastination

6! Read more USEFUL things

7! Get an 8 for my upcoming IELTS [I suppose this should be in the top 3 of the list :/]

8! Practice guitar more

9! Learn more Korean

10! Get a 25inch waist and hit 45KG

11! Get a boyfriend?!?! Sounds desperate LOL

12! Blog more diligently

13! Get better skin

14! Exercise EVERY WEEK

15! Earn more money

16! Go on a trip alone with my own friends with my own money

17! Learn something new: cocktail making/coffee making/skateboard

18! Don't leave things till the very last minute

Of course there are still tonnes of things which I may have forgotten right now, but I will definitely add them into this list whenever I remember them!

I just can't be contented with these right?! *laughs*
It's time I learn from my past mistakes and get my ass up to get things done! 

♥♥ Have a Happy 2014 EVERYONE ♥♥

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For a new year to bring you something new, make a move, like a butterfly tearing its cocoon! Make a move!

My Makeup Pouch

It's been a dreadfully long time since I last did a blog collaboration with my blogger sweeties! Click here to read our previous collaborations ♥ We even have a What's In My Bag collaboration!!! Awww~ I miss them so much! 

The other day Maple proposed the idea of doing a blog collaboration on our makeup pouches because she's curious about what we all keep as collections. I am curious as well! That's why I agreed *evil laugh*

Here it is!!!

My makeup pouch is just an ordinary toiletry bag that my mom brought home from Genting's Hotel :p She used to bring her foreign customers to visit Genting whenever they came over to Malaysia for their business trips. She went there so many times until my house cabinet has quite a number of this toiletry bag!

To make it less boring, I added some studs myself. Bought the studs from eBay with a dirt cheap price.

And added a Michael Jackson keychain which I made myself when I was in high school!

I have to pinpoint that my makeup pouch is not at all glamorous with loads of branded things and tonnes of colourful you might find it boring...I suppose :3 

Eye shadow crayons given by my friend in Australia for my 19th birthday.

My eyeliners. The one with blue lid is a waterproof one - I just use it to draw temporary tattoos on my hands! The one with silver lid is the one which I use to draw my usual eyeliners!

I never intended to COLLECT cosmetics because I don't think I will need them BUT these shimmering eyeliners are totally irresistable. At only 2.50 Aussie dollar for each, tell me how can I not buy them? They can work as eyeshadows too if you blend them out. That's why I collected all of them except for brown colour (because brown is boring....IMO)


Eyelash curler, eyebrow shaver, eyebrown plucker

My lip glosses

Double eyelid stickers. Someone told me that double eyelids will grow out itself after sticking the stickers for a period of time so I'm trying hard!

Pocket mirror is ALSO related to Korea. Talk about hardcore please *smirk*

Bracelets that I bring everywhere because you never know when they come in handy. These 2 are my favourites! Sometimes I will bring along one or two earrings but I've become lazier so none of them at the moment.

These are probably the most unglam things in my makeup pouch and I guess nobody keeps these things in makeup pouches except for me LOL! 

From right: "Kua-Sha" (saw my favourite blogger Rachell blogged about getting slimmer legs with Kua-Sha, so I bought one and keep it with me so I can use it whenever I'm watching Korean dramas), blackhead strips & tooth floss.

My concealer. I can't live without this thing.

Realize that I don't have a foundation and blusher? Because with my concealer, I don't think I need them, but, I'm actually prepared to buy in foundation and blusher AFTER I CONSULT MY #ADDICTION!

Who knows she might make me change everything in my makeup pouch after the next few weeks! HAHA! I'm prepared to do as she says anyway :p

That's all for today! Off to watch Korean drama now ^^

Don't forget to check out my #addiction DaphneFroggy and Maple's makeup pouches!!!

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Sushi Zanmai @ Mid Valley

Last Friday after my work, my godbrother's sister, her boyfriend and her mom picked me up from work and headed for Mid Valley. I haven't been to Mid Valley for a loooong time. From hindsight, when I got back last year, I didn't go there as well, only went to One Utama with my #BADInfluence.

Anyway, back to the real deal. The other day, I heard from my colleagues that one of the most famous restaurants in town now is Sushi Zanmai. According to them, there is always a long line of people waiting to be seated outside the restaurant, typically during dinner time.

Fortunately, that day after work, there was no jam so we arrived quite early and all of us were starving, so we decided to have an early dinner. My godbrother's sister suggested Sushi Zanmai. Despite the fact that I'm on a diet (not quite, but still counted as one), I was still really enthusiastic about paying Sushi Zanmai a visit since my colleagues said that it's so incredibly famous nowadays. Of course I have to give it a try, right?! *kiasu much*

My advice for you is to go there early. To avoid the Q as well as to eat early dinner which is good for your health (because you should not be consuming anything at least 4 hours before you sleep to avoid accumulation of tummy fats).

We arrived at 6.45pm and were seated very quickly. FYI, the restaurant was already quite packed with people at that time, just not so full until we had to Q up outside.

At first waiting happily for the food to be served.

The food took a freaking long time to come and I started to get impatient ==''

I'm not a big fan of sashimi so I can't give any remarks about this dish. However, my godbrother's mom, sister and sister's brother were complaining that the sashimi were sliced into very small (and stingy-looking) pieces which was not really worth the price. 

This is like better class maggie mee with an egg on top. 

Beef rice which is also not really special. I personally feel that the Bulgogi that we cooked at K-wave was way better than this one (I'm being quite humbly honest though). 

My godbrother's mother ordered this because she heard me saying about the Curry Chicken Katsu from Melbourne is really really nice. Hence, she wanted to try something similar. On the other hand, I was well-prepared to try it so I can make comparisons. 

And you know what the result was?! GOD DAMN!

This dish from Sushi Zanmai is such a disgrace for the CURRY CHICKEN KATSU FAMILY!!! 

Curry Chicken Katsu is one of the most simplest dishes that you can find in Melbourne's Japanese restaurants. Or I shall say...Japanese FAST FOOD restaurants. Incredibly basic dish YET Sushi Zanmai did a BAD job on it. On top of that, this simple dish took like 40 minutes to arrive on our table. 

Judging by the looks of it, when it first arrived, I was already disappointed. 

After visiting Sushi Zanmai for the very first time, I only have one word to conclude: OVERRATED. Till now, I still don't have a clue why people are going gaga over this new restaurant. Is not worth the line at all. By the time we finished our dinner, it was about 8pm and there was a bunch of people waiting outside and I even had the urge to tell them "HEY DUDE, IT'S JUST NOT WORTH!"

I haven't written any foodie posts with personal remarks that seriously ever since I stopped blogging on my food blog, but this is just an exception because I really have to pinpoint that this restaurant is OVERRATED. 

To go or not to go, it's totally your choice. I've made my stance here, Sushi Zanmai is a go-once-and-no-more-place.

End of story. Good night.
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