What's In My Bag [Vlog]

OMG! I'm so excited about this update! This is my very first time doing a collaboration with so many amazing bloggers at the same time ^^

So the other day, I was lying on bed and having absolutely nothing to do, suddenly the idea hit me.....I decided to invite them for a VLOG collaboration. Ever since my stupid Blackout Vlog, I haven't been doing any vlogs at all. Hence, before my winter break ends, I might as well have another random fun :p


The so called "handbag" that I showed in the vlog is actually this one...which appeared before in my April and May coordinates' blog posts. 

That's how it looks like when you carry it.

5 freaking dollars! Totally worth the money!

I'm still hoping to get a Juicy Couture one after I got enough savings!! ^^

Next let me introduce the gorgeous girls!

I swear she's not someone new on my blog already ^^ Read OUR STORY! ;)

Watch her Vlog HERE!!!!

Lately we are both chatting like insane because we have nothing to do at home except for "rotting seriously" xD

Watch her Vlog HERE!!!!

Ivy Liew

She's a very cute sister who always calls me 동생(which means little sister in Korean) because she knows I'm a huge fan of everything about Korea!

Watch her Vlog HERE!!!!


SONE! My very very first impression of her. K-Pop fan like me. Hardcore SNSD fan! 

Since Vincci is now busy with her work, she promised to upload her Vlog asap. So let's check out her amazing blog in the meantime ^^

Behind the scenes shot :p 

Editing is really a pain ><''

That's all for this time! Hope you guys have fun watching our vlogs because we had fun doing it HAHA!!!

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I prefer to pursue an exciting life, not a steady life ~Jang Keun Suk


  1. you got alot of things inside your bag hahahah XD

  2. Like your room. Paste with so many pics. So creative!!

  3. You're so cute
    i love you so much,hahahaha

  4. you should do more vlogs.. :)

  5. wow really big pencil box! =D ur vlog is nice, u got different tone to make it less boring! =D

  6. Niceee your Vlog!! Hahahaha... btw is that a permanent tattoo on your fingers? =O


  7. Good job fion!! More vlogs to come~~ :))


  8. well, it certainly looks nice~