Few months ago, there was a hashtag trending on Instagram, which is #WhatPubertyDidToMe. I didn't pay much attention about that until one day I saw on blogger posted this as a full blog post. At that point, I decided to do it. A blog post about my growing process. However, I have quite many constraints doing this post because I don't have any of my "historical" photos in my hands. I had to ask my mom to send it over by e-mail to me. I didn't get to choose the photos, so I'll just make use of whatever I have.

To be honest, I personally think that the word "puberty" means some time around our teenage period, but I don't know why people put photos of their "evolution" from babies to adult. Anyway, I decided to do the WRONG way. So that you guys can have a glimpse of my life. A summary of my 19 years ;)

Another good news is >> This is a collaboration with my #Addiction Daphne Froggy. So you guys can also have a look at the transformation of a fashionista ;) Read here!

I was born on 12th of February 1994 in Hong Kong. I'm a real typical Aquarius baby :p And I'm proud of that. 

3 years old me (on the right). Have been cheeky and mischievous since then. Well to be honest, I was born with a birthmark on my face (fml~) which is quite apparent here.

I entered kindergarten at the age of 4. Maintained in Tadika Sri Kancil for 2 years (4-5 years old) and then transferred to Than Hsiang Kindergarten.

Graduating from Than Hsiang Kindergarten in 2000 (6 years old). I started learning ice-skating and piano this year. 

7 years old. With my godbrother who's 2 years older than me. This was before I lost 2 of my front teeth :/ I then entered SMJK Kwang Hwa for my primary school studies. Stopped learning ice skating in this year because the skating rink closed down FOREVER :'(

I decided to learn ballet at 8 years old in replacement of ballet. This was when I started to be crazy about S.H.E, first exposure to Pop music. And I thought I was pretty mature at that point because I would start flipping through newspapers to look for photos of S.H.E.

9 years old. As a prefect in school. 

First time travelling overseas at the age of 9. Destination was Hong Kong. 

First time travelling out of Asia at the age of 10. Destination was the United States.

At 10 years old, I also had my ears pierced for the first time. Which marks a physical change (to some extent). I stopped learning piano due to frustration ><

12 years old (I'm the one in the back row, on the left). The girl beside me (Chin Yee) and the guy in front of me (Chun Keat) remain as my best buddies till now.

Graduating primary school at the age of 12 (2006). I'm the one on the right in the first row.

In 2007, I entered Penang Chinese Girls' School at the age of 13. Stupid school required us to cut our hair short. 5cm AT MOST from our earlobes. That's of the start of my hideous look for 5 freaking years. So, basically I didn't have many photos throughout my high school period because I was too fugly back then.

Started my first blog in 2008.

2009. I was 15, form 3. Somehow I managed to obtain a "less" fugly hair style compare to my first 2 years of high school. BUT still...It's still fugly. Just "less" fugly. 

During the year end school holidays of 2009, I decided to do some daring. I went under a minor plastic surgery. I went to laser my birthmark that's on my face because I couldn't stand it anymore. Go on to judge if you want. 15 years old. Plastic surgery. Yeah, you can elaborate a long ass shit from that. (ps: Hair's still fugly like hell).

I also started to learn electric guitar at this year under Orianthi's influence in December 2009. This was when my obsession for music officially started.

Had an "illegal" rebonding done at 16 (2010). Although it's against the school rules, I did it anyway. Couldn't stand the fugly hairstyle. The one on my left is my gorgeous Godsister who's younger than me by 1 year. She's officially my godsister when I was 8 (if I'm not mistaken). We got to know each other when I was 7. 

Unfortunately, the rebonding didn't manage to last for more than 7 months because of the continuous cutting. Screw the school rules. T___T FUGLY~~

17 years old (2011). Still acting like a childish kid despite the fact I was already someone's senior :/ Another "illegal" rebonding done.

17 years old (year end) with my 2 best friends - Wan Fen & Cassandra, FINALLY graduating. Hair still remained like shit because the rebounding couldn't last. I really feel like puking at this moment. I can't stomach my high school photos! DAMN!

2011 is also the year I started to be obsess with K-Pop. All started off with Jung Yong Hwa from CNBlue and extended to Jang Keun-Suk. Also a major change for both Wan Fen and Cassandra because I brainwashed them. So much thanks to Jia Yee who forced me to know more about K-Pop.

And I also completed my ballet until grade 8. 

Biggest change in my life occurred in 2012. I went to study overseas alone in Melbourne, Australia. I went under a rather big transformation (no plastic surgery FYI....just started to expose myself to cosmetics and my hair grew longer which was a total life savior). And I also started to get serious in blogging.

February 2012

March 2012 

May 2012

July 2012

August 2012. My favourite period of 2012 because of the length of my side bangs.

Can you believe I actually changed so much in just 10 months?!?! The left one was from 2011, from my graduation night. LMFAO!!

December 2012

2013, this year, I thought since I survived the doomsday prophecy, and since it's the last year of my teens, I decided to do something to mark my youth's rebel. 

January 2013. Look at the ear. Additional piercings!
2013 is also the first year of my university life. I successfully and luckily got in Melbourne University. Now studying Accounting and Finance under Bachelor of Commerce.

February 2013

Got myself the 5th and 6th piercings as my 19th birthday present for myself on 12th February 2013.

Got another rebounding and went off back to Melbourne for my very first Uni life.

I don't really look like I actually belong to Uni. I always feel like I look like a high school kid =='

Anyway, people always say that puberty is the period where one goes under great evolution or things like that...In my case, talking about the physical changes, I think my "puberty" started last year?!?! @@ HAHAHAHA!!

A summary of it~

OKAY, enough already....I believe you guys had puked looking through my high school photos. I really wanna puke!

But looking at the bright side, I successfully changed myself. No more effing hideous like I was in my high school period. At least I know changes are possible. 

Now, my aim is to achieve Hyuna's perfect body (sadly I can't have her perfect face...so the only achievable thing is her body shape, I suppose @@) Everything's possible right? I believe in that. Just have to get my ass off and work out! 

PS: Don't forget to check out my #Addiction's evolution too!!!

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Discipline is remembering what you want.


  1. read, u really change so much within the 10 months le, I thought u know how to make up for ages ady. And penang got ice-skating? I love ice-skating so much, but only Sunway have that. and u r quite a multi-talent girl le, ballet, piano, electronic guitar, ice-skating, all are arts one, no wonder u so friend with WX

  2. 那个整容不算什么啦,正常的~

  3. I just saw this! Hahahhaa you look really cute whichever stage you are in :)))))) nice post!!

  4. Aha, you're adorable in all ages! And yeah - I totally look like i'm in highschool forever as well. OTL. Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

    1. high school is the WORST part of my life! fugly max ><

  5. @maple shuh hong: i replied u in fb already haha :p

    @Phoebian: well, u never know people like to judge as if they are a KIA...but who cares~! haha :p

    @violinistxixi: omfg high sch is totally nightmare FUGLY dao~