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After Gangnam Style, now we have Gwiyomi!!

So what is gwiyomi? To put it in short, it is a trendy trend which is now trending!!! I guess that statement is just too abstract :p
Click here <--- to read if you don't know. 

Seriously, personally, I literally worship everything about Korea. As long as there's something to do with Korea, I love it! I was (still am) fanatic about Gangnam Style (and I actually do know how to dance that) but I didn't get to join in the trendy trend at that time, so this time I decided not to miss out anymore. 

ps: I just don't get why Harlem Shake could trend anyway ><

The other day I got a blog post, or vlog post pretty much, collaboration invitation from my #addiction Daphne Froggy TO DO GWIYOMI. This, in fact is our 2nd collaboration, see our 1st one here ^^

Before you watch, I have to clarify that I am NO where NEAR Gwiyomi by any means, just joining the trendy trend to express my love for KOREA! :3 PUH-LEE-SE BEAR WITH ME ><

Coming up next is my #addiction Daphne Froggy!!!!! *drums rolling* 

She's so cute right!!!!!! I really really can't wait to see her in real person!!!!!!

We actually wanted to do a split screen video but we couldn't figure out how to operate that thingy...and the email kept on failing us because the file size is too big, so we were FORCED to do individual ones and then put in a same blog post :////

My first exposure to GWIYOMI was because of this video that I saw on Youtube the other day while I was browsing through some CN Blue's MVs (YES, I AM A BOICE, DEAD PROUD OF THAT ALRIGHT?!) Upon watching I was like...OMG SO CUTE!!! Yong Hwa oppa is really really really adorable until I felt like kissing his cheeks!!! *fan girling*

After a few days, out of a sudden, GWIYOMI videos seems to be spreading like wildfire all across blogs and Facebook, and seeing this, you know, a new trendy trend is gonna be trending for a while....That's how I got to know GWIYOMI, what about you?! Feel free to share ^^

Frankly speaking, initially I had the urge to do GWIYOMI before Daphne asked me, but then I kept on procrastinating and I DID have the idea to ask her. And then one day when we were just chatting on Facebook, this topic suddenly appeared. And guess what?!?! ME AND HER WANTED TO ASK EACH OTHER TO DO AT THE SAME TIME!! CO-INCIDENCE OR WHAT?!?! MAD LOVE MY #ADDICTION <3

Actually after Daphne invited me to do GWIYOMI, I got another request for a collab by another blogger friend, Emily. But since I already promised Daphne, I couldn't do it with her...And then she revealed to me that actually she wanted to see me do, so it's more like a request for me to do it rather than a collaboration.

One thing that sort of makes me amuse is "why she wants to see ME do?"...This is the answer that I got!!! Hahaha!!!

Here's some of the behind-the-scenes my selca WTH! >< 

ps: Sorry for the bad quality photo, blame it on my webcam and also the bad lighting in my room *facepalm* 

Seems like this is the MOST ACT CUTE thing I have ever done in my entire life >< I don't really have any cute elements in me, to tell you truthfully :p RETARDED MAX!! HAHA...worth a laugh anyway (I guess @@) :p

I'm good enough to share out some tips :p Found this illustration on Facebook!

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  1. hahahaha! surprised me XDD cute leh~!!

  2. I would prefer Gangnam anytime, thank you. LOL!!!

  3. lovely blog!

  4. AHHH!!! How can u ps my chat!! Haha.. Super honoured sia... Yours needs improvement. Your friend one better. :P (Later kana beaten by you!!)